Sunday, May 26, 2013

What Animals Mean in Dreams

Alright, so I have already told you all about my nightmares of alligators/crocodiles in my childhood. So, here is a super awesome site to see what animals mean in your dreams.

According to this site, alligators/crocodiles mean hidden dangers because they are situated underwater and hard to see. They can also mean deceit, because they trick you into thinking they are not there.

I find this rather eerie, because now in my adult life I am hyper aware of what I think other people are thinking.

So, why do humans associate feelings and problems with animals? Here is my theory:

Instincts are ridiculous.

Feelings are associated with animals the same way feelings are associate with colors. This all happens on the instinctual and (you guessed it) subconscious level.

I know, I know. "Rianne, why can't animals in dreams just be random animals? Does it all have to mean something?"

Yes, dear reader. It must mean something. The subconscious rarely does things without a purpose. The only thing I can really compare it to is "fate". You may not understand why something has happened to you, but there is a purpose. Or so we tell ourselves to try to make our lives seem less useless. Same thing with the subconscious. It chooses things that the conscious may not comprehend, but there is a purpose.

Remember, this does not mean that we are interpreting these animals-that-are-connected-to-feelings correctly. But what the hell, worth a shot right? And we all know analyzing dreams is some fun shit.

Admit it.

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