Tuesday, August 6, 2013

10 Interesting Dream Facts

I've been doing some digging on my favorite topic of what goes on in those crazy minds of ours whilst we have no control over them. I've found some cool stuff. Let me fill you in.

1. It is impossible to snore and dream at the same time. This means my father never dreams...ever.

2. The colder your room is, the worse your nightmares are. Now, this is particularly interesting. Females typically have a lower body temperature than males. Does this mean females are inclined to have more nightmares than males? How does this effect the human condition? I sense a future blog in this tid-bit.

3. It is said that ancient Egyptians created a dream journal in 4,000 B.C.E. Why does this not surprise me? Seriously, those guys did everything.

4. The word "Nightmare" originated in England in the 13th century. Back then, it meant a spirit or monster that oppresses people during their sleep.

5. In an average lifetime, a person sleeps for about 6 years.

6. Within 5 minutes of waking up, 90% of your dream disappears from your mind. This is why you need a dream journal! Seriously, if you start one I swear you won't regret it. Pure fun.

7. Fetuses dream. Yeah. What? Their dreams aren't visual, but they are made of sound and touch sensations. Guess you have to pass those 9 months somehow.

8. You can feel pain in your dreams. Pain is one of the few phenomenons that can transcend reality into your dreams. I know I have had dreams where I have gotten shot or stabbed, and I wake up still feeling the wound. Creepy.

9. People who lack protein in their diet and/or have a personality disorder may have a dream deficiency. To me, this makes sense. It would take A LOT of imagination and mental power to have a personality disorder. There is no way to save some for when you're asleep.

10. The word "dream" has three suspected origins: 1) West Germanic word, "draugmus" meaning illusion, deception, or phantom. 2) Old Norse word, "draugr" (any Skyrim fans in the house? Eh?) meaning  ghost or apparition. 3) and the less popular Sanskrit word, "druh" meaning to seek harm or injure. Apparently many cultures believed dreams were caused by spirits or ghosts.

And with these facts, you may dream more knowledgeably. Sort of.